Social enterprises – information on participation and its use

The website aims at the central goal to communicate the offer of social enterprises to a broader public, to emphasize their achievements within the meaning of social sustainability for society, and to contribute towards better cooperation with private economic enterprises and public clients.


How can I participate?

Within the framework of the sopro HU-AT ETC project, the dialogue with social enterprises will be deepened. In the module of “sopro for social enterprises“, a working group of experts in social economy will be established, in order to develop strategies in common. Besides the consideration of barriers and possibilities of a deepened cooperation with private enterprises and public institutions, it is also a matter of developing structures for long-term networking (platform). Participation in this working group is open to male and female workers in social enterprises, social integration enterprises, workshops, occupational projects, the number of participants, however, will be limited.

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What does it afford me?

The platform of sopro aims at the goal to further an improved networking between social enterprises, as well as approaches towards cooperation between social enterprises, economic enterprises and public clients. Its precise aim is therefore a better use to capacity of social enterprises by means of suitable and useful orders.


Our offer: developing, procuring, networking

The platform of sopro supports cooperation through networking, consultation, and development. In the first place, it is a matter of procuring and developing enquiries or orders of economic enterprises and public institutions with social enterprises. The platform of sopro will make every effort to consider aspects of sustainability insofar as possible.

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