What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises or social projects are social occupational enterprises in the second and third labour markets. A large number of projects and enterprises are found under this broad definition. A rough distinction may be drawn in the following: Social enterprises, which mainly endeavour to reach the aim of integration of long-term unemployed persons into the so-called “first labour-market”, are assigned to the “2nd labour market” on the one hand. Social enterprises on the “3rd labour market” on the other mainly employ persons with intellectual or bodily impairments, or persons with mental disorders, and they offer a long-term or even permanent employment contract to these persons far distant from the labour market. These terms have no unambiguous definition, and time and again the “expanded labour market” is mentioned, in order to avoid any hierarchy between “labour markets”. All enterprises, however, address disadvantaged persons in their employment opportunities.


From wood and fabrication to vegetables

The economic offers of social enterprises show a great variety. In the range of products, the whole range reaches from wood and metal to plants and vegetables. In the service sector, besides green space care there are mainly offers in the field of office services, such as enveloping, mailing etc., and performance of manufacturing steps.


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