SoPro: Member of European REVES Network


Since June 14, 2014 the BIENE Association as lead partner of the project and operator of the SoPro platform is the first Austrian member of REVES (European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy). Admittance was granted within the frame of the General Assembly ... read more »

Results of 1st International SoPro Congress


„Socio-oecological Production – Sustainable Economic Activity in Common“


This Congress, organized by the SoPro-InnovationsPlatform together with "die umweltberatung" Wien and Bio Forschung Austria, gave a survey about the potential of social enterprises and a broad range of possibilities for the future to ... read more »

Organic and social vegetable box


Since 1993, in the Eastern outskirts of Graz organic vegetables and fruits have been cultivated. The family Fuchs and Ambrosch consciously count on variety, true-breeding plants, and they can offer seasonal fresh vegetables all the year round. Approx. 40 kinds of vegetables and 20 kinds of fruits ... read more »

Statement of support for the platform of socially produced


Until the foundation of an offical organization (provided for mid-2014), the “platform of socially produced” shall be a voluntary association of all persons and organizations interested in “social production”.


Supporting enterprises and public institutions shall be entitled to consultation and negotiation services ... read more »

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