Socially produced at 2nd Green Care Conference in Vienna, June 19, 2013


More than 200 interested participants from social, educational and health politics, the employment market, the field of agriculture, functionaries and managers with an economic background, non-profit organizations, umbrella organizations and representatives of science met at the Schoenbrunn HBLFA (Vocational School/Horticulture) ... read more »

Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) 4 IN A LINE – socially produced at the Nova Rock Festival!


Everybody knows „4 in a line", the strategy game for two persons with the aim to put four of one's own pieces in a line. However, this game with a size of 2.1 by 1.8 meters ... read more »

"SoPro" – Presentation in Brussels


The principle of partnership plays an ever more significant role in EU politics.

REVES is a European network of towns and regions, the task of which is linking and strengthening of a partnership-based relationship between local and regional authorities, social institutions and civil society organizations. Members of ... read more »

Social Sustainability as an Opportunity for Geinberg Waste Management on June 6, 2013


Currently, the logical focus of waste management activities is placed on effects on the environment: Waste avoidance – waste separation / recycling -, waste processing and disposal according to the highest standards take off more or less environmental strain. ... read more »

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