“Socially produced” workshop on September 27, 2012 in the St. Hippolyt educational center

Values, philosophy and sustainability in social enterprises

Value Creation through Appreciation: Opportunities and challenges of a process-oriented cooperation with enterprises and public institutions

On September 27, a large number of representatives of social enterprises from Lower Austria, Vienna, Styria and Burgenland gathered in St. Poelten, with Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig from the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development presiding, in order to deal with the subsequent topics. Besides, representatives of the project partners Environmental Consulting Vienna (Umweltberatung), Bio Research Austria, SENEC Association, KOMUNITAS OG, Assisted Living Radkersburg, and Dr. Erwin Szlezak (Department of Rural Development) as representatives of the numerous strategic partners of this project were present.



  • Values in the type of economic activity of social enterprisesParticularities in the type of economic activity of social enterprises



  • Opportunities and impediments in cooperation between social and economic enterprises and public institutions
  • Fundamentals, additional value and aims of a common trademark of Social Production


Social enterprises are also players in economic life. Their economic activity, however, takes place under different conditions and partly with different aims. Clearly man is in the focus of attention. At this event, the particularities of social enterprises have been elaborated in common. It is the aim to support the work of social enterprises, and to prepare new co-operations at eye-level.


The workshop took place within the framework of the ETC Project (Austria – Hungary) of "SOCIAL PRODUCTION – Socially Produced for the Environment! Environmental Protection and Sustainability in Cooperation between Economy, the Public Sector and Social Enterprises".


We give our thanks to all participants for their commitment, and we are looking forward to further cooperation!


Your team of the Social Production platform

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