Social cooperation in times of crisis

At a meeting in Szombathely, organized by PBN (Pannon Business Network) at the occasion of the “MESSE” (Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises) project of Interreg IVC, Franz Rybaczek introduced the SoPro HU-AT project of “socially produced for the environment” among international good practice.

Together with partners from 9 European countries, “MESSE” strives to increase the efficiency of economic measures for regional development, and to improve preconditions for qualitative growth and socially responsible entrepreneurship in Europe. PBN expert Olga Horváth (consultant of the Hungarian project partner of SoPro, LEED Non-profit Kft.) organized the presentation of “SoPro” for this meeting.


Result: The cooperation between all players, also shown in practical examples under the heading of “SoPro HU-AT – Cooperation for prospering practical working relationship between economy, administration and social economy” is interesting not only for Austria and Hungary. Especially the completely sustainable model of production and sales of soil colours was the subject of many queries.

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