Statement of support for the platform of socially produced

first name
fixed line/mobile phone
I support the platform of “socially produced“ as a private person.
We support the platform of “socially produced“ as an organization (economic enterprise/public institution/social enterprise).

Until the foundation of an offical organization (provided for mid-2014), the “platform of socially produced” shall be a voluntary association of all persons and organizations interested in “social production”.


Supporting enterprises and public institutions shall be entitled to consultation and negotiation services free of charge within the framework of the “sopro HU-AT“ project, subsidized by the European Union and national co-financers, for the creation of products and services, which shall be developed and implemented outside the first labour market in cooperation with social institutions.

Enquiries of economic enterprises/public institutions shall be negotiated primarily to supporting social enterprises. This platform shall further serve for transfer of know-how and technology, and for linking, for instance with the aim of cooperation in larger orders.


Tasks, performance and aims of this platform

  • Consultation for social co-production:Negotiation between economic enterprises, public institutions and social enterprises (linking platform)
  • Information of companies and public institutions about sopro
  • Documentation of case studies of social production
  • Strengthening of social enterprises and social institutions through process-oriented economic cooperation
  • Establishing of trademark “socially produced“, and integration into an international platform for common weal economic use
  • Dialogue with sponsors, supporters, potential members, stakeholders and the general public 
  • Public events for expert public
  • Fundamental research on social production: expert publications, Masters’ and Bachelors‘ theses with academic support
  • Training modules with written documentation for relevant players, pilot seminars, elaboration of a training handbook


The filing of this statement of support facilitates the targeted work of this
platform within the framework of the ETC project sopro HU-AT 2012–2014.

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