"SoPro" – Presentation in Brussels


The principle of partnership plays an ever more significant role in EU politics.

REVES is a European network of towns and regions, the task of which is linking and strengthening of a partnership-based relationship between local and regional authorities, social institutions and civil society organizations. Members of REVES develop ideas and implement projects, which express fair, solidary and "inclusive" economic and social thinking.


At this year's „REVES Excellence Award" in June 2013, the project of "social production" was honored with a nomination, too. Mag. Doris Mayer (Department of Economy, Lower Austria) and Franz Rybaczek as a project leader with regard to contents also were in a position to answer many questions of the 150 invited guests.


Our practical strategy, oriented along practical results and partnership-based cooperation, and the scheduled establishment of a linking platform between economic enterprises, public institutions and social enterprises, operating on a European scale, met with great enthusiasm.


One result from this event with varied examples worthy of imitation of local and regional project cooperation all over Europe, which is pleasant from our point of view, is the concrete interest in many countries to learn more about the model of "social production". In the near future, we will be able to find out, to which extent this interest will evolve into further dialogue, and possibly even into the common implementation of a European platform.


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Photo: © Platform of socially produced

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