SoPro Cooperation with CNC-Austria


Key rings, design bags, beer boxes ....: A large number of socio-oecologically produced products have been created in the course of the SoPro project within the frame of cooperation between economic enterprises, public institutions and social enterprises.


In enterprise consultations, giveaways turned out to be especially popular, often manufactured from waste of the respective enterprise. USB sticks of their own enterprise were on top of the wish list of these enterprises. For instance, their own USB sticks have been socio-oecologically produced (see best-practice examples) for the companies Variotherm, Metaflex, Spreitzer or for the SoPro Congress.


The ideal supporting tool, in order to produce such USB sticks from various materials (furniture panels, Plexiglass, façade panels etc.) and to facilitate production in a social enterprise, has been found by product developer Karl Lang from KOMUNITAS OG in the course of the first SoPro consultations: the CNC machine. CNC machines ("Computerized Numerical Control") are machines, which are able to automatically produce high-precision parts for complex shapes through utilization of modern control technique: the ideal tool for producing USB sticks in the shape of logos and other shapes.


Since the beginning of this project, Karl Lang has constantly taught himself the know-how to handle CNC machines, to write programmes, and to prepare production in social enterprises, furthermore he has trained workers of social enterprises and has produced various prototypes. Various tasks required support by experienced experts, and thus a very special cooperation has come into existence:


Robert Kammerer, representative of CNC-Austria in Vienna and Manager of the Vienna Chocolate and Ginger Bread Manufactory bought the first CNC machine, and ever since Mr. Kammerer has been a loyal companion and supporter of SoPro.


This expert in CNC technique and machines always helps product developer Karl Lang in word and deed. Mr. Kammerer has always been fascinated by all kinds of technology, and he got familiar with the CNC technique through machines in his chocolate and ginger bread manufactory ( in Vienna. He has contemplated his own machines, and such has built for himself a second pillar in addition to his own company.


Mr. Kammerer considers this project useful and important for society. His positive attitude towards fair work and production is shown by his commitment to soon convert production in his chocolate manufactory to organic management and/or fair-trade guidelines.


On behalf of the entire SoPro project team, an expression of thanks goes to Robert Kammerer for this great support. We wish him much success in his enterprise also in the future, and are looking forward to further positive cooperation!


In the photo: Karl Lang (KOMUNITAS OG) & Robert Kammerer

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