Organic and social vegetable box


Since 1993, in the Eastern outskirts of Graz organic vegetables and fruits have been cultivated. The family Fuchs and Ambrosch consciously count on variety, true-breeding plants, and they can offer seasonal fresh vegetables all the year round. Approx. 40 kinds of vegetables and 20 kinds of fruits are cultivated on an area totaling 4 ha, thereof 4,000 m² under sheeting.


Inspired by Eliot Coleman, familiar as an expert of organic winter vegetables, Anna Ambrosch intended to give a personal touch to her enterprise, and decided to offer the vegetables henceforth in handmade boxes made of domestic wood, instead of cheap plastics.


Since May 2014, Chance B, situated in Gleisdorf, produce the precious vegetable boxes for this organic enterprise. Sepp Faerber, head of the wood workshop, is happy to be able to produce a product where he can well integrate his clients.

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