Horse chestnut powder as an innovative domestic natural detergent – socially produced


Nature educator Gabriela Nedoma, initiative „nature protects skin", searched for a professional production of horse chestnut detergent. Horse chestnut detergent is a natural detergent, which is still largely unknown, i.e. a novel product. Ms. Nedoma needs horse chestnut powder as a showpiece, for showing the washing effect and as a giveaway for her numerous seminars. Ideally, the powder should be filled into small bags, to which instructions for use and labels are added.


The entire process of production is performed at the Retz and Unternalb Caritas

"die umweltberatung", Vienna (environmental consultants) acquired the institution for handicapped persons at Retz and Unternalb of the Caritas of the archdiocese of Vienna with its multi-purpose workshops as a cooperation partner in this project. This social enterprise is able to perform shredding as well as filling of the powder in its day-care centers.


Production comprises more than one work steps

At first, very fine powder is produced from some pounds of horse chestnuts. In addition, the institution for handicapped persons at Retz and Unternalb produces bags from recycled paper. The horse chestnut powder is portioned and filled into these bags. In autumn 2015, common gathering of horse chestnuts in the Wine Quarter (Weinviertel) is scheduled. Through a cooperation between the Caritas and nature educator Ms. Nedoma, a natural product from this region can be sensibly used for environment-friendly washing of laundry. In the frame of the SoPro project, cooperation has been successfully initiated for the future.



SoPro consultant: Andrea Husnik "die umweltberatung" (environmental consultants), , +43 (0)1 803 32 32
Social enterprise: Alfred Strohschneider, Caritas of the Vienna archdiocese, institution for handicapped persons at Retz and Unternalb, phone: +43 (0)2942 / 3270;
Economic enterprise: Ms. Gabriela Nedoma: initiative "nature protects skin", Nature projects & nature seminars, phone: +43(0)680 2301646, ;


Photo copyright: Caritas Retz and Unternalb

Subtitle of picture: whole and shredded horse chestnuts

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