Organic and social vegetable box


Since 1993, in the Eastern outskirts of Graz organic vegetables and fruits have been cultivated. The family Fuchs and Ambrosch consciously count on variety, true-breeding plants, and they can offer seasonal fresh vegetables all the year round. Approx. 40 kinds of vegetables and 20 kinds of fruits are cultivated on an area totaling 4 ha, thereof 4,000 m² under sheeting.


Inspired by Eliot Coleman, familiar as an expert of organic winter vegetables, Anna Ambrosch intended to give a personal touch to her enterprise, and decided to ... read more »

Delicious natural beer in exquisite natural wood


The task Alois Gratzer chose with youthful delight in experimentation, at the age of 15, turned out to be a recipe for success some years later. Ten summers and ten winters after formation of his brewery, it has been chosen to be the first CO2-neutral brewery in Austria. One year later, he was awarded the Daphne environmental prize in silver.


On account of consistent continuation of his thought, Alois Gratzer has become a pioneer in the field of beer. A close contact with ... read more »

Innovative design bags made of residual materials


Take a used bicycle tube, canvas rests, a used coffee bag made of jute, and torn inner tubes. Mix them with buttons, a zipper and a sprinkle of sewing thread. Done. The innovative design bag of the Koryphaeen (female luminaries) is finished!


These instructions of use conceal that the knowledge of a female master tailor and committed transit workers are required in addition. There are, however, sufficient workers at the socio-oeconomic enterprise of the Koryphaeen at Neusiedl am See in Burgenland.


The read more »

Handicap Tailor‘s


In a best-practice-project, a cooperation between Austrian experts and the Hungarian social enterprise ESÈLY Kft. at Gyoer, functional clothing, which is true to size, accurately fitting and ageless, shall be tailored for persons with special needs. Handicapped persons and their relatives are invited to introduce their personal wishes for clothing into the development process of this project, and to benefit from such clothing which is custom-made for them.


Low-priced clothes made to measure for everyone?

In autumn 2013, in St. Poelten the first "socially produced" clothes for wheelchair ... read more »

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